Friday, April 15, 2005

A changed donkey?

As you might know, Libby came back from the PVDR on this Wednesday we just passed. I gave her a day to settle down, as she was full of vinegar, and was spending the evening running, twisting, bucking, and kicking, and visiting with Drifter.

Yesterday I went out with a scoop of hay pellets, and clipped the lead on her and spent some time rubbing, scratching, and loving on her. She was amazingly mild mannered, and even enjoyed the top of her head being scratched to the degree that she dropped her head down so her nose was level with my knees- she stands about 40 inches, so that's pretty low for her.

I was able to rub the left side of her neck which has been more or less off limits, and when I stepped out of the pen (still had the lead clipped on) she let me rub almost back to her hips and all over her sides. The whole time, she and Drifter were taking turns lipping a few stray pellets out of the bucket through the panel.

After a few minutes, I unclipped the lead, and kept rubbing her. She walked out away, then came back and continued letting me pet her. At this point, I was going into shock- this is Libby, the "wild" (and wooly) donkey!

Today we had a bunch of people out, and one was a little girl, about 10 or 12. Taylor was able to walk right over na dhandfeed Libby a half an apple, and Libby took it! Later I walked over and Libby came over and stood while I rubbed her and scratched her all over her face and up and down her neck.

I have no idea what Mark and Amy did to her while she was there, but it must have done something to her because she is so different from when she left here! She's still not exactly friendly, but she really seems to be enjoying the attention a lot more. Hopefully this will continue over the next days/weeks and she'll get a little more loving towards me and whoever else.

Heck, maybe it wasn't Mark and Amy at all but the fact she was with other donkeys, but I love it! Also noticing around her eyes and muzzle, now that she's starting to shed out a bit more on her face, she's a beautiful red dun color right there, also on her legs in splotches. The shaved spot on her neck though still shows donkey

Now for the news that I didn't want to hear- Mark & Amy reported that she may be pregnant. I guess if there's no new arrival by August, we should be in the clear. Hope so anyway!