Monday, May 23, 2005

Subtle changes are good too!

Lately I've noticed more and more subtle changes in Libby, all for the better.

The other day (last week?) I made climbing and hanging off of her corral panels, making silly noises, and really acting like a 5 year old. Not only did she come over to see what I was doing, she stood nicely for some facial scratchings.

A day or so later, I casually walked into her pen, and she came right up to sniff me and get he rnose rubbed. She has never come up to like that when I'm in her area, unless I have food for her.

Then yesterday, we had some people out and their 16 year old son (who has some sort of gift with animals) went out to see her- she walked right up to him and tried to take a bite out of his hat! I have an idea she wanted to play with him, but wasn't sure how to go about it- he's as gentle as anything, but this boy is also about 6'4", and probably about 210 pounds.

This afternoon she brayed for me to come out and see her, and when I did, she flatly refused to have anything to do with me. I'm not all that suprised though. Things are getting better.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Justa little prick Libby!

Today me and Mom locked Libby up so she's be easy to catch with plans of giving her her boosters for her 3 in 1, and her West Nile vaccine. Not knowing how she was going to react because it would be two of us ganging up on her instead of just me rubbing or petting her, we were pretty much ready for a pissed off donkey, and possibly problems.

Instead, armed with two syringes, and a bucket with some hay pellets in it, I was able to do them with only a little side stepping and dancing around.

We stood her up next to a fence so she was "walled in", though one good kick and I'm sure I would have moved out of her way and effective "released" her from the restraining fence. This worked with a pony we had, so figured it was worth a shot with her. It klept her from moving away, and she wasn't crazy about moving towards the mean lady with the needles.

The first thing I noticed is her skin is tight- pinching up a little was hard, but I finaly found a bit I could get on her neck. The needle slid right in, and Libby kept munching away. The only problem was it went right through and I had to pull out and start over. This time she got a little upset, but just took one step back and stopped. That one was done.

The next one she knew what was up, and I had to go quickly, but be sneaky. Lots of petting, scratching and rubbing, and playing with her chin and ears- she likes that. Got the second one done much quicker once it was in the skin.

Of course the really funny thing is that I didn't realize until w were done that Mom has never really pet her or rubbed her, or even been able to get a good look at her. She asked me the other day if Libby's ears have always been two-toned or if that is new since she is really shedding out now. I looked at her like she was crazy when she said that- of course they've always been two-toned! The one thing that has been changing a lot is her zippers are darker, and she has this gorgeous multicolored mottling all over her lower legs- almost a mix of pink, grey, and peach.