Thursday, September 29, 2011

Well, About This Blog...

If any of you have stumbled across this blog, you've seen its been years since I've made a post.

Back in 2006 I think was the last one, and I've pretty much abandoned this blog and Blogger in general for WordPress self-hosted.

If you're interested in following me still, and want to know what I've been up to, you can check out my current blogs at the following links:

Pretty Can Hurt - This is my personal blog which I did move with me from Blogger to WordPress and still keep up. Its been running for 8 years now.

Kittyloaf Designs - This blog is also on self-hosted WordPress and showcases some of my work as a graphic designer and artist. I also sew, make jewelry, and draw the occasional odd illustration.

Sexy Toms - This is an oldie, also once hosted here. Its NSFW, though its mostly word-porn and not images or videos. Working on a resurrection of this one now. This is a multi-author blog- many people have made the posts located on it.

So, now you know where to find me, you know three of my haunts, and I can be on my merry way!

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