Saturday, March 26, 2005

Libby has pretty feet.. I think.

I gave Mark a call this afternoon to see how Libby did, and verify how much we owe him for her peticure and anything else. He still says $30.00, but I'l going to see if I have a few extra dollars to add to it- he's doing a wonderful thing, and has so many mouths to feed and care for!

First he said she totally freaked out, but nothing else. So then I commented that I hoped she didn't kill anyone, and he said no, she just layed down everytime a foot was picked up, so most of her trimming was done with her laying down.

I guess that probably went a lot better then I thought it would- but again, when I here "freaked out", I think of a rearing, plunging, fighting horse with it's eyes rolling around showing whites.

I want my donkey to come home already... sometime this week though.

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