Monday, March 21, 2005

On the Road...

Well, today Libby went on a little vacation. She should be back sometime next week, with new shiny feet, and will have been wormed, microchipped, and gotten her shots.

I had sent an email to Mark at the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, asking for a good farrier who will be willing to work with her and get her done gently and well. He instead suggested that he just swing by and pick her up and have her done with the rest of them. The price was right, and having her in the hand sof some donkey people I've only heard good things about might even help her.

This afternoon, the trailer showed up, and Libby came right over to have her lead clipped on, and walked out of her pen. All went well until Drifter, the Arab, dashed by to get the grain I used as a quick bribe and she threw it in reverse. A few minutes later and she was out of the pen, and walking calmly towards the trailer.

WHat made me happy to see is that when faced with a strange thing coming towards her, she went to me for safety, and when in the hand sof people who knew donkeys, even though she was afraid of the trailer, she put on a brave face and thought things out well before doing anything.

When we got Libby, she had been winched into the trailer, then tied tight for almost 24 hours because they camped overnight bringing her down here. This time, she was in the trailer in 15 minutes. The front end went in easy after she had time to look, and her front feet were placed inside. The back half took longer, but then she was in, and able to ride loose and comfortably.

As they pulled out of the driveway, I could see her ears perked forward, as she looked out the side of the trailer, very interested in what was around her. That was good to see too, because if she was looking out with her ears perked, that meant she wasn't cowering or terrified.

Her feet will be done on Wednesday, since they're having the vet out then to castrate some jacks, so she can be sedated if needed. But I think she's going to be just fine, and will enjoy the company of some of her own too.

So I guess I have a good donkey afterall. :)

I don't mean to say she's a bad donkey, but she makes me so frustrated sometimes because I don't reallly know what to expect from her, and what is a good way to see her react. I know slow and easy does it, but how slow is slow? Either way, I'll be very happy to see her when she comes home!

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