Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Great Escape!

We decided that since it would be getting dark soon, and it was time to make sinner that Libby would come in a bit earlier then planned. Unfortunately, Libby decided otherwise. After narrowly missing getting kicked several times because I actually expected her to come back in, we gave up that tactic and turned Drifter out with her.

This was the first time they had been out together, without a fence between them. Amazingly, no one got bitten or kicked, but they did do a lot of running and chasing- for the most part, he would shake his head at her, then take off, and she'd chase after him. They did this for a half hour or so, running, kicking, bucking, and chasing.

She also had an introduction to two of our large outside dogs, and that went very well. I had noticed that while she does pay attention when they bark, she doesn't have anywhere near the same reaction to them as she does to dogs that are not ours. It made me nervous though because Libby and Nana being nose to nose at the lowest and weakest part of the fence could have been disasterous, but Libby didn't even flick an ear her way when she barked at first Drifter, then Libby. Nana gave up and went off to find somethng else to do.

Finaly Libby followed me into the smaller area, and went into her pen- so she did make it back in without too much stress and bother. She was pretty stirred up though so I didn't get to rub her any afterwards- just carress her nose with one finger for a few minutes. Tomorrow maybe I can brush her out some and get rid of some of that fluff and hair that's shedidng out in sheets everytime I touch her..lol. I thikn she'll be okay with that so long as she can check the brushes out and give them a good sniff or ten.

So even though it didn't quite go the way I wanted, it did turn out pretty well. I think tomorrow she will have settled down and will be back to where we were, and maybe over the weekend they can both run and play all day- and of course, stuff their faces.

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