Sunday, January 23, 2005

Rest & What?

Generally you see R & R and think rest and relaxation, but that's not what Libby had in mind today. Today was supposed to be a simple day, where all she did was louge about, get scratched if she wanted, and take abreak. Mom will be home from work all this week, so I will have plenty of time to work with her and have her keep Drifter out of the way.

So as planned, I made sure I had plenty of excuses to just walk by her, maybe lean up on the fence while talking to someone else, play with one of the barn cats near her, (she watches the cats, but it's a curious watch, not like with the dogs) and once or twice gave her chin a little scratch.

Later on at feeding time, when Drifter was running in from the field at a canter, I yelled for Chip to get out of the way- Chip and Brett were both in his path, and while Brett was paying attention, Chip is our 13 year old toy poodle, and mostly deaf. She moved, and at the same time, Mom yelled "Holy shit Libby!". I missed what happened, but she said Libby suddenly jumped into and then out of her water- half of one of those big plastic drums. She knocked her head on the corral panel too when she did this...

I think it might have been due to the dogs next door running the fence again, and our dogs running with them, barking, but she wasn't worked up like yesterday. She just.. jumped.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to bring her out for a while, and maybe take her out back to nibble weeds and grass for a while. Either way, I want to spend at least an hour handling her if at all possible- hoping it will go well.

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