Friday, January 28, 2005

Wet Donkey = Cranky Donkey

Yesterday Libby refused to come in from the back field, and Drifter shoved through so he could go back out when the gate was opened for Libby to come in, once she decided she might get some dropped hay if she did. So thye were both out all night. First thing this morning, Libby was braying her heart out, wanting to come in.

It started sprinkling here at about 8am, and while she's not even what you can call damp, she's not happy about being wet to any degree. If it continues sprinkling, I'll turn her out tongiht so she can get under the shelter if she wants to.

Even though it's wet, I still had to do something with her because she's been out for the last two days without being handled. She decided to be a brat and for the most part pretend I hadn't asked for anything. At one point when I asked her to move forward, she stuck one foreleg out all the way in front of her, waving it in the air at her chest level. She was waggling her ears, and I swear laughing at me while she did it! Then she took one step back, and did it with the other foreleg when I asked her to move foreward. I chose another direction to walk in, and we did a few figure 8's instead.

Overall she was okay, but it'd be better if I had more room to work her in without taking her out back.

I also rubbed her under her neck, and almost made it down to her chest before she got uncomfortable, and did a little scratching on her left side where her cut/scar is on her neck. Maybe by the end of February I'll be able to handle her forelegs. I hope so.

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