Monday, February 28, 2005

Almost lost one...

Mom neglected to keep an eye on Chip, our quite elderly toy poodle, and she wandered out, and right up to Libby. Libby is tempermental as all hell, and of course decided to stomp the crap out of her.

Chip got away, luckily, but I have a feeling Libby was only making a veryhalf-assed attack on her as it was. I don't see a 9 pound, half deaf and going blind dog surviving a serious attack from anything.

Her belly is half-skinned, she's bruised, and sore, and she got knocked in the hip pretty good (the same one from the leg she broke and never set right years ago) but she seems alright. Tomorrow she's going to be so stuff though.. poor girl.

I'm not too happy about being yelled at that it's my fault that Libby did that, and I should have trained her better, but she was upset. Hopefully Libby will settle down herself soon too.

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