Saturday, February 05, 2005

Sweet Nothings.

The day after Libby's last day of friendliness, she pretty much ignored me, aside from showing me she was more then capable of kicking me from here to next week, without actually doing it.

The last few days, I have made myself available to her, but not tried to do anything. Just walked by, talked to her, made a few detours to walk near her, that's it.

Today we put up a few more mineral feeders for the goats, and as I filled them, Drifter was of course determined to get into the bucket. Libby was braying and snorting, wanting her share too. When the feeder was full and the bucket was empty, I went over to the braying dancing, impatient donkey named Libby... Drifter followed on my heels.

Libby thoroughly checked the bucket, and let me scratch her necka nd shoulder while she did it. When she was done, and it was proven to be empty, she started to notice I was scratching her. I gave a last rub, stopped, patted Drifter on the neck, and walked away.

Tomorrow I think they will both get to go out back to much all day, assuming MOm will buy into Libby being willing to actually come back in at night. I hope she will!

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