Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Wet critters are free.

Libby & Drifter have been out for about half of the week- and we're only halfway through. Sunday, and Tuesday (today), and they're still out tonight. We're trusting them to be good and not knock down the fence.

If we don't let them out, they're going top get hoof rot, and considering we can't handle Libby's feet as of yet, I don't think that would be easy to treat. At least out back they are on firmer ground,a nd there's no standing mud and muck; they also get the benefit of being able to eat to thir hearts' content all day and night.

Libby has been living it up- she eats, browses, and stretches her legs, then later lays down, and alternates between rubbing herself on the ground, and delicately picking grass from between her fornt hooves.

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