Sunday, February 20, 2005

Chastised by Libby :)

I probably spelled that totally

Anyway, between rainfall, I was out taking photos of the goats since I've redone our entire website, but don't want to launch the new files until I have at least half of the photos up- and I want all new photos.

Libby and Drifter were moping around, wet, soggy, and refusing to go under their shelter. So while I was standing there trying to coax a few goats out into the mud to get a good picture, I was suddenly knocked/smooshed/slammed into the fence in front of me.

What the heck did that?

I turned my head, very slowly, and Libby was standing there, ears wiggling sheepishly, and watching to see what I was going to do in response to that little I reach out and scratched her chin. She let her ears flop, and walked away.

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