Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Something new...

The last few days I've been a bad donkey mom, and haven't had time to work with her at all. Yesterday I made a quick visit to her with a small bite of carrot, which still amazes me in the difference in how she eats hers, and Drifter eats his. Drifter we have to fight to make him bite the carrot, and not eat the entire thing in one bite. Libby gently takes a tiny nibble from the end, with wonderful manners.

Of course it being close to feeding time, Libby and Drifter were both full of attitude, and wanting to fight and fuss at each other thrugh the panel. I vacated the area quickly, before I was squashed into a pulp.

A few minutes ago I went out back, empty handed, and was of course follwoed by Drifter all the way to Libby. Libby, for the first time, came to me with no rope to keep her nearby, and stood for face and neck rubs. Part of it was jealousy because Drifter was right ther getting rubbed, but part of it was her genuinely wanting attention from me.

I probably won't have time to do anything more with her today, but I am hoping for a repeat of this tomorrow. Even when I reached over and got hold of her halter noseband (yes, still wearing that thing) she backed upa step, but then stopped. When I let go, she relaxed, and allowed me to get hold again, let go, and continue rubbing.

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